By unleashing a powerful new breakthrough about your subconscious...

Inner Influencing can help you:

Eliminate Fear.  Regain Control.
Get Unstuck.  Become Free.

What IS Inner Influencing?

Inner Influencing is a breakthrough series of methods and techniques that fully utilize a new discovery about your subconscious that helps your life become more ideal in every way.

What can Inner Influencing do for you?

Inner Influencing helps you experience positive changes in your life much faster and easier than you could up until now.

This new breakthrough series of processes will enable you to interact with your subconscious mind in a new, safe, and healthy way, to eliminate the source or contributors of many major difficulties. Positive changes become easier to make, and negative difficulties and situations become more easy to move past and to resolve quickly and completely, be it with a relationship, a situation, or a difficult past event.

Inner Influencing shows you how to become a master of your own inner processes in ways that are safe and ideal for you, and not have them rule YOU or have to be a victim to them anymore. You'll learn how your own subconscious mind or inner processes work for you or against you, and why knowing how to master these processes are the key to success in having the life you truly want and deserve - one that is truly in line with your well-being in every way.

How does Inner Influencing work?

Inner Influencing helps you become more self-empowered by showing you how to take full advantage of a new discovery about how to safely interact with your own subconscious that can help you quickly, easily, and gently remove the inner blocks to your life being more ideal for you in every way.

Learning Inner Influencing will allow you to more completely and ably direct your life more toward all the things that are right for you and away from the things that aren't...and help to make it easy for your life to stay that way and be normal, easy, and natural for it to do so.

Inner Influencing could be considered the answer to the following questions:

"If life is a do you just GET THERE already?"
"And if life IS a long does it have to take?"
"Who really IS in charge of this 'journey'' anyway?"

What have people experienced with Inner Influencing?

Here are just some of the many benefits people have encountered once they learned to apply Inner Influencing to their day to day lives.

  • Reduced and even eliminated fear and anxiety.
  • Gained and regained more control of day to day life experience.
  • Reclaimed self-worth.
  • More able to set, keep, and defend boundaries.
  • Heal relationship difficulties, even ones where the other person is no longer in contact or alive.
  • End the "people pleaser" program.
  • Much more able to end negative situations and begin more positive endeavors.
  • Becoming lots more self empowered.
  • Removing the role limitations of what society says in regard to "being a man" or "being a woman".
  • Being less prone to giving in to anything or anyone that's not in line with their well-being.

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"I believe this is an important step forward for the evolution of humanity."

Stephen Coleman

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Got More Questions?

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions

What can I achieve with Inner Influencing?

Inner Influencing will take both you and your life as far as you continue to apply it. As much as you put into using Inner Influencing on the various parts of your life that are not yet ideal or optimal for you, is what you will be experiencing as a magnified or accelerated version to that ideal.

But Inner Influencing is NOT a process that is able to just be "read" to get results. It's not just a book to read, or an audio to listen to. It's a brand new skill going further than ever before with a discovery about your subconscious - and how to interact with it - that up until now hasn't been too publicized or well-known...

Does it hurt or can I be hurt by this?

Inner Influencing has been designed with one goal in mind - to help you achieve your goals, and a whole lot more - in the fastest, easiest, and most gentle way possible.

The subconscious enjoys working on itself, to put it in a funny way. It is a very stable process because of that reason.

Most people consider these processes "elegant, calm, and comforting," once familiar with how to use them...

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