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Now you, too, can start using this first-of-its-kind “A.I. for the mind” to:

Eliminate Your Biggest Fears
Achieve Your Greatest Goals using this 10 second technique that uses a unique and powerful discovery about the subconscious mind to help you live your best life.

Paul Greblick, Creator of Inner Influencing


I'm Paul Greblick, the creator of Inner Influencing.

Humanity is entering a new era, and I invite you to join me in the front row!

Let me ask you:

If your greatest treasure was surrounded by immense threats - electric fences, snakes, alligators, bears - would it even be possible to obtain? (Assuming you're not the Steve Irwin type!)

Even if you did defeat those defenses and secured your treasure, would you feel safe letting the world know? Or would you hide it, fearing it may be stolen, wrecked, or make people jealous enough to abandon you?

Would you immediately buy lavish things, seeking approval? (I call this "money medicine.”)

And could you say "no" to people wanting a piece for themselves?

If this idea brings discomfort, then I have a harsh truth:

You Have Hit a Boundary Limiting “How Much You Can Do, Be, and Have”

This artificial boundary has very real effects.

It's put in place by your subconscious mind, limiting how much you can accomplish.

It’s not difficult to change or eliminate this boundary.

And Inner Influencing is the fastest, easiest way to do so.

But I want you to consider something: Is it possible to have any experience that is not made up of thoughts and feelings?

Think about it—every single thing you've ever experienced, or ever will, is made up of just thoughts and feelings.

That's it.

So, what does this have to do with living your best life?


These Are The Missing Lessons In Your “Education”...

In other words, the rest of “what you need to know” to live your best life possible.

Stay with me, because this is where it gets good…

If all you can experience are thoughts and feelings, which do you think has the greater impact in your life?

I'll give you a hint.

It's not thoughts.

Since the time of your ancestors escaping from saber-tooth tigers, your emotional system - one of the strongest systems in your body - evolved to ensure your survival.

Imagine your ancestors strolling through a field when a beast charges at them. They would run for their lives, filled with fear. That fear forced them to flee to safety so they could live another day.

This is why you exist today.

If your ancestors didn't feel enough fear to run fast enough, they may have been eaten.

And your family line would have ended right then.

And you would never have existed.

This suggests how powerful your emotional system is.

When combined with your subconscious thoughts, beliefs and conclusions, this “mind-body system” will prevent your further success if it perceives it as a threat.

Yes, it's true - we, as humans, can have a fear of failure AND a fear of success.

Consider this game-changing principle:

Your subconscious mind is "all powerful and all-knowing", as the dictionary definition of God is.

But over your life.

It will hold you back from a better, easier, and richer life until you learn to work with it.

Here's another idea I’ve seen transform lives, starting with my own:

Life "works" when the conscious and subconscious minds align.

And not so much when they don't.

When your subconscious aligns with your conscious thoughts, needs, and wants, life “works” smoothly in those areas.

Misalignment causes struggle and lack.

For over 30 years, I have been obsessed with how the subconscious affects our lives.

I've tried everything from ancient to cutting-edge techniques to find out how we can use our subconscious mind to make our experience of life more ideal.

But everything changed when I discovered this “10-Second Miracle Method.”

This method took me from rock bottom - I was homeless, sleeping in a tropical storm in a dog park after a major breakdown - to being "gifted" two homes, and the only thing I used was this new way to interact with my own subconscious mind.

It didn't matter if I believed in the "Law" of attraction or not because I seemed to have "activated" something like it, since dozens of other "Law of Attraction"-type synchronicities happened and kept happening.

I had tried everything, and nothing worked like this, or even came close.

For some reason, I seemed to stumble upon a very fast process to "amplify" these mechanisms that have previously been hard to harness, at least more consciously and deliberately.

But then, I started to wonder - would this work for others, too?

It didn’t take me long to find out...

"I have seen some pretty amazing results..."

...wrote Gene Anger (his real name) from Ontario.

"As one of the newest tools in the bag, I'm very impressed with the speed and effieciency that the processes of Inner Influencing has to offer."

"The genius behind Inner Influencing is Paul Greblick who has designed a series of self-directed methods and processes that can help you to gain more control over your life, rid yourself of emotional difficulties, and help to get you permanently unstuck from life experiences that are truly less than ideal for you."

That was from Makhani Williams from Portland.

"Inner Influencing will soon make all the other modalities I know obsolete. I believe this is an important step forward for the evolution of humanity."

That was from Stephen Coleman, an American now living in the Philippines. He was so impressed with the results that he became one of the original Core Team members.

"I've tried a variety of modalities from EFT, to TAT and some others. Although I appreciate aspects of all of these, I can honestly say that Paul Greblick's Inner Influencing Technique is the best thing ever."

"His breakthrough technique...allows us to see, for the first time, that there is a way to permanently get rid of any of the 'junk' that is in our emotional systems. This freedom is what allows us to move forward, with a lot of peace and tranquility."

"The results are wonderful, and I highly recommend that anyone seeking more freedom in their lives try out his technique..."

That was from Anita Colussi-Zanon of Ontario, Canada. She was also so impressed with this new discovery that she also became one of the Core Team members.

"Inner Influencing is designed to act like a 'virus cleaner' in the subconscious mind."

"Paul Greblick has created what he calls the Inner Influencing Technique, which is designed to act like a 'virus cleaner' in the subconscious mind, clearing negative emotions caused by hidden contributors that affect every human being.

That was from Jeff Maziarek, Author of "Spirituality Simplified".

The Dawn of a New Era for Humankind - and for YOU - Begins with Our Transformation Toolkit.

Learn to maximize humanity's first “A.I. for the mind” (no hardware needed!)

I know you'll love learning about this discovery. Rather than leave you on a decade-long trial-and-error path as I endured, my "Transformation Toolkit" condenses that timeline to less than a week with this program.

The Transformation Toolkit consists of four separate stages that, when combined, give you expertise in the highest levels of this fascinating new "inner self" technology.

Inner Influencing is the first of its kind "A.I. for the mind", and through the Transformation Toolkit you will be guided through four unique discoveries about your subconscious mind that will help you become the “hero of your own story.”

How will you apply this? Better relationships? Happier days? Healing trauma? Financial goals? Enhanced creativity? Strong boundaries? Yes, all that and more!

Legally and ethically, I can't guarantee your results. I can only share my experience and that of diverse others worldwide.

Could your results beat all ours?


I CAN guarantee THIS, though:

If you DON’T put it to work, NOTHING will come of it.

However, I firmly believe your best life is waiting to be claimed.

And I want to accelerate your success.

Here's how:

First, You'll Learn to Ignite Your Transformation Through Stage One of the Transformation Toolkit: The Ignite Program.

Your transformative journey begins with the "Ignite Program," a gateway to your ideal future.

You will discover the revolutionary power of a 10-second technique that starts to align your subconscious power with your conscious desires, all without the need for an altered state of consciousness.

Find out why this unique method, which is both fun and simple, brings an elegance to personal development like never before.

In the Ignite Program, you will start your journey of mastery over:

  • Anxiety: Learn to unshackle yourself from the chains of worry and unease.
  • Stress: Begin to transform your response to pressure into a source of strength.
  • Overwhelm: Start navigating life's complexities with newfound clarity and calm.
  • Worry: Turn your fears into stepping stones towards success.
  • Fear: Embrace courage and overcome obstacles with confidence.
  • Panic: Learn to stay grounded and composed, even in the most challenging situations.
  • Difficulty: Turn every challenge into an opportunity for growth.
  • Intensity: Harness your inner strength to thrive under any circumstances.
  • Self-Worth Issues: Discover your true value and embrace your self-worth.
  • Approval Seeking: Find freedom in authenticity and self-assurance.
  • Career Success: Propel your professional life to new heights.
  • Finances: Start unlocking the doors to financial freedom and prosperity.
  • Relationships: Cultivate deeper connections and meaningful interactions.

This is the beginning of a life-altering journey where you take control of your destiny and ignite the potential within.

The future you've always dreamed of exists.

And you can start to move toward it today with the Ignite Program.

Once Your Have The Basics Down, It's Time To Turn Things Up A Notch.

(Or 25 "notches", to be exact.)

Elevate your journey to success with our dynamic "Energize Program," a step beyond the ordinary.

Unveil a second groundbreaking technique, a remarkable second discovery that amplifies the effectiveness of our 10-second method. Imagine the power of executing the equivalent of 25 transformative sessions in a single 10-second interval.

And so begins the revolution in personal development.

In this program, you'll master the art of delivering one potent, 10-second instruction to your subconscious. This powerful directive is designed to simultaneously address and eliminate not one, but 25 recurring factors that our students have consistently faced. These factors are often the unseen barriers making problems more persistent, goals more elusive, and even everyday moments needlessly stressful.

We've meticulously crafted this program to target these 25 specific elements in a singular, 10-second "thought wave" to the subconscious. This innovative approach ensures a more efficient, impactful, and streamlined path to resolving issues, achieving goals, and reducing stress.

With this new, more powerful method, you'll be flexing your muscles more deeply on these problem areas that many people find preoccupy their lives at way too difficult a level:

  • Self-Doubt: Transform hesitation into unwavering confidence.
  • Self-Worth: Amplify your sense of value and embrace your true potential.
  • General Well-Being: Achieve a state of holistic harmony and contentment.
  • Failures: Learn to convert setbacks into stepping stones for success.
  • Love & Intimacy: Deepen your connections and find fulfillment in relationships.
  • Environment: Cultivate a nurturing and positive surrounding.
  • Family Relationships: Strengthen bonds and heal familial dynamics.
  • Money: Master financial prosperity with a mindset of abundance.
  • Resources: Unlock the key to effectively utilizing and maximizing resources.
  • Fitness and Your Ideal 'Look': Achieve your fitness goals and embrace your desired appearance.
  • Creativity: Unleash your creative potential and innovate effortlessly.
  • Life's Work: Find and pursue your true calling with passion and purpose.
  • Abuse: Overcome past trauma and rebuild a foundation of strength.
  • Neglect: Address and heal from experiences of neglect, building resilience.
  • Relationship Freedom and Empowerment: Foster independence and empowerment in all your relationships.

Embrace the Energize Program and transform the way you tackle challenges. Make every second count, and turn every moment into an opportunity for growth and peace.

Could the future you desire be just a thought away?

Continue on your transformative journey with the groundbreaking "Launch Program"

This is the ultimate progression following your first "leveling up" in the Energize Program.

Here, you'll activate the afterburners of your potential, teaching your subconscious to identify and eliminate an astonishing 100 additional barriers that we have found stand between people and their best life.

This phase is where our students have catapulted themselves to unprecedented heights of success, earning it the apt title of "The Launch Program." Think of it as the moment the moon rocket, the Space Shuttle, or any "heavy lift" rocket, with its mighty boosters, launches into orbit.

The Launch Program is our "secret sauce," and I firmly believe it represents the most significant breakthrough in the realm of human potential. This innovative method supercharges your ability to influence your subconscious mind, akin to having a personal assistant tirelessly working to clear the subconscious hurdles blocking your path to your dreams.

But it's not just any assistant.

Picture this: multiplying that level of assistance 2,500 times.

(Yes, that's a literal figure, not just a metaphor.)

If there's anything on this planet that can give you a sense of possessing superpowers, it's this remarkable discovery in the Launch Program.

It's a leap into a realm of possibilities previously unimaginable.


Elevate Your Life with The Soar Program

Transform Your Challenges into Triumphs

Finalize your extraordinary journey with The Soar Program, where we start turning your deepest challenges into your greatest victories.

After the Launch Program, sure, you might feel like a superhero, but what good is all of your newfound knowledge and ability if you don't know the best place to use it?

Let this program be your ultimate guide to a life of empowerment and success. Discover how to rise above the constraints that hold you back and truly soar.

Conquer Your Emotional Terrain:

  • Tackle feelings like Fear, Worry, and Dread with newfound courage.
  • Transform Panic, Terror, and Nervousness into unshakeable calm.
  • Turn Embarrassment, Shame, and Guilt into sources of strength and self-acceptance.
  • Replace Grief, Anger, and Hate with healing and inner peace.
  • Overcome Bitterness, Resentment, and Jealousy, embracing a life of harmony and forgiveness.

Reinvent Your Inner World:

  • Shift from Envy and Unhappiness to a state of contentment and joy.
  • Break free from the shackles of Stress, Overwhelm, and Unfulfillment.
  • Build a fortress of Self-Worth, leaving behind the endless search for Approval and Acceptance.
  • Step into a version of you that radiates confidence and self-respect.

Breakthrough Behavioral Barriers:

  • Take command over Control issues, Insecurity, and Safety fears.
  • Illuminate your path from Hopelessness to empowerment and resilience.
  • Say goodbye to Self-Neglect and Ignoring Personal Needs, embracing self-care as your new norm.
  • Eradicate Self-Sabotage and Low Self-Esteem, making way for unstoppable success.

Navigate Life’s Complexities with Ease:

  • Overcome Fear of Failure and turn every Difficulty into an opportunity.
  • Rise above Financial Distress and Relationship Issues with grace and wisdom.
  • Replace Laziness and Boredom with vibrant motivation and zest for life.
  • Liberate yourself from Restrictions and external pressures, claiming your freedom.

Unlock Your Full Potential:

  • Embrace Change and Intensity as catalysts for incredible growth.
  • Dissolve Blocks to Learning, opening doors to endless knowledge and skills.
  • Shatter the myth of 'No Pain, No Gain', finding joy in every step of your journey.
  • Overcome Resource Scarcity, unlocking a world of abundance and opportunity.

The Soar Program isn’t the ending of anythihg, but the beginning. The beginning of your time to rise, to overcome, and to soar to new heights. Embrace this journey, and watch as every aspect of your life transforms, bringing you closer to the life you've always dreamed of.

Are You Ready to Embark on a Life-Changing Journey?

Are you poised to discover something extraordinary?

Let's ponder the million-dollar question:

What value would you place on something that could accelerate your journey towards the life you've always envisioned for yourself?

In a world where programs offering far less can command prices upwards of $2,500, the worth of such a transformative experience is immeasurable. But here's the twist – I'm not offering this life-altering education at such a steep price.

Not yet, anyway.

For you, the investment is only $497.

But wait, what if there was a way to make this even more accessible for you today?

What would be a fair discount to help you leap into this journey?

10% off?

That seems too modest.

How about 25%?

Reasonable, right?

But I want to give you more than just a reasonable edge.

I want to offer you an extraordinary opportunity to shift from victim to victor in your own life story.

Your "Unfair Advantage" Discount Awaits

I'm thrilled to offer you an incredible 50% discount – that's right, your investment is just around $247.

But here's an even more exciting offer:

If you're among the next 177 visionaries to join, your investment won't even be close the price of an average Taylor Swift concert ticket. (According to one online source, the average price for a Taylor Swift Eras tour ticket was $1,088.56.)

But for just $177, this transformative knowledge can be yours, on the condition that you don't just absorb it, but actively apply it to your life.

Share your journey with us, and watch the magic unfold.

This material is invaluable, having helped people amass wealth and success far beyond its price. While I can't guarantee your results will be the same, they could even surpass those heights.

Are you ready to seize this chance to redefine your life's trajectory?

The path to your dreams is just a decision away.

Exclusive Bonus: Direct Access to Expert Guidance

Would you like the opportunity to have direct access to me for all your questions as you progress?

For the first 177 swift action-takers, I'm offering an exclusive bonus: personal access to me for any queries you might have along your journey.

If there's anything you find unclear, or if you're unsure about how to tailor the material to your unique circumstances, just let me know. I'm here to help.

With over ten years of experience guiding individuals through this unique and powerful discovery, I've likely encountered situations similar to yours.

I'll even provide you with the strategies I would use myself, ensuring you get the most out of this life-changing opportunity.

The Empowered Journey Guarantee

As you embark on the transformative path with our program, we understand that real change takes time and commitment. This journey is about deep, lasting transformation, not just quick fixes. That's why we've crafted a guarantee that respects the depth of this process while giving you peace of mind.

A Real-World Approach to Transformation

We recognize that some results may take time, especially as you learn to apply these techniques to deeper challenges in your life

Our program is designed to equip you with skills for a lifetime, not just temporary solutions.

30-Day Exploration Window

You have 30 days to explore the program and start applying its principles.

This period is your opportunity to begin the journey and see the potential of what lies ahead.

Refund Policy with Integrity

If, within these 30 days, you feel that the program isn’t fitting your needs or if you're not satisfied with the initial stages of your journey, a full refund is available.

We value honesty and trust in this process, and we ask that you approach this period with a genuine commitment to giving it a fair try.

Long-Term Commitment to Your Success

Our program is a commitment to your long-term growth.

Beyond the initial 30 days, we offer continuous support and guidance.

We're here to assist you as you apply these techniques to more complex and deeper aspects of your life.

Your Growth, Our Promise

We promise to provide you with the best tools possible and latest knowledge necessary for profound change.

This guarantee is our way of ensuring that you can take the first steps on this path with confidence and security.

Embark on this journey knowing that it’s a process of growth and discovery.

While immediate results can be exciting, the true value lies in the enduring change and empowerment you'll experience.

Our guarantee is here to support you as you take these transformative steps towards a more fulfilled life.

Seize the Day: Your Best Life Awaits

Are you going to let your best life remain just out of reach, always one more day away?

The time for waiting is over.

Embrace today as the starting point of your extraordinary journey.

Discover the power of this innovative "AI for the mind" and align yourself with the future you've always desired.

This a doorway to a life where your dreams and reality converge.

Take the first step towards your ideal future now.

Click the button below to enroll and begin your transformation.

Remember, this journey is risk-free.

You have a full 30 days to explore and experience the power of this program. If you find it's not for you, we offer a no-questions-asked refund. Your satisfaction and growth are our top priorities.

Don’t let another day pass.

Your best life starts right here.

Right now.

You've Got Questions?

We've Got Answers.

What is Inner Influencing?

Inner Influencing is a pioneering methodology crafted to address a broad spectrum of emotional and personal challenges.

Whether you're grappling with anxiety and self-doubt or striving for success and well-being, this method offers a unique and powerful approach. It revolves around a groundbreaking discovery regarding the subconscious mind, distilled into a simple practice.

Remarkably, it only takes 10 seconds to perform and doesn't require an altered state of consciousness. This ease of use sets Inner Influencing apart, making it an accessible tool for anyone looking to enhance their life.

How does Inner Influencing differ from energy therapies like EFT?

Inner Influencing is distinctively different from energy therapies like EFT, as it doesn't involve any physical actions such as tapping. It's primarily a mental technique that offers swift access to the subconscious mind to initiate change.

This approach is not only more direct but also more time-efficient compared to traditional methods.

Additionally, Inner Influencing complements other practices you might be utilizing. It harmoniously integrates with various modalities, effectively 'playing well with others,' and has been found to enhance the benefits of these practices.

Can Inner Influencing really help me achieve my goals in less time?

Yes, Inner Influencing is specifically designed to facilitate rapid and effective personal transformation. It excels in tackling negative emotions like fear and anxiety, as well as boosting positive attributes such as creativity and self-worth. This method operates efficiently, catalyzing significant changes swiftly.

It’s crucial to recognize that your subconscious may often act as a barrier to your goals. Inner Influencing aims to swiftly identify and remove these subconscious blocks. Many users report that, once these impediments are cleared, reaching their goals becomes much easier, often with surprisingly little additional effort.

Do I need any prior experience with meditation or energy therapies to benefit from this course?

No prior experience is necessary.

The course is meticulously designed to be accessible and valuable for beginners, requiring no background in meditation or energy therapies. Simultaneously, it offers substantial depth for those already versed in various modalities.

The course structure ensures that individuals at all levels of experience can derive significant benefits and foster personal growth.

How quickly can I expect to see results with Inner Influencing?

Results vary from person to person, and increase with use and dedication. Many students report noticeable improvements within just a few days, especially for distressful situations. Regular practice and application of the techniques have been the key for our students who have experienced the most results.

Is this course suitable for addressing specific concerns like anxiety, relationship difficulties, or financial distress?

Absolutely. The course is designed to address a broad spectrum of challenges, including emotional issues, personal development goals, and specific life situations such as financial or relationship difficulties.

How much time should I dedicate to practice Inner Influencing effectively?

Practicing Inner Influencing effectively requires just a few minutes each day, making it a remarkably time-efficient method for personal development. The course is specifically designed to blend seamlessly into your daily routine, allowing you to incorporate these transformative practices without disrupting your regular schedule.

The real question to consider is, “How quickly do you want to see changes in your life?” The dedication and consistency you bring to practicing Inner Influencing directly influence the speed and extent of your personal transformation. By investing just a small amount of time each day, you set the stage for significant, long-lasting improvements in your life. This method is not just about the duration of practice, but the quality and regularity of that practice. Consistent application of these techniques can lead to profound changes, making every minute you invest an essential step towards achieving your goals and enhancing your overall well-being.

What makes your 10-second discovery about accessing the subconscious mind so revolutionary?

The revolutionary aspect of our 10-second discovery lies in its unprecedented simplicity and effectiveness. It offers a swift and direct method to access and influence the subconscious mind, paving the way for rapid personal transformation. Previously, altering the subconscious typically required states induced by methods like hypnotherapy. While hypnotherapy has its merits, there's a clear need for a powerful, readily accessible tool that can be used anytime, anywhere.

Inner Influencing bridges this gap, providing an easy and convenient solution for significant personal development. It stands out in its ability to assist individuals in crucial moments, offering an advantage over other methodologies that may be less practical or more intrusive in certain situations.

This makes Inner Influencing a unique and invaluable tool for anyone seeking to positively transform their life.

Are there any scientific studies or research supporting Inner Influencing?

Inner Influencing is a fresh, extensively-tested methodology grounded in well-established psychological and personal development principles.

Its effectiveness is backed by research, yet it transcends traditional lab-based scientific testing. The complexity of human experiences and ethical considerations make controlled testing impractical and inappropriate.

Instead, we've applied the scientific method in real-world scenarios. This field-testing across a diverse user base has not only confirmed the method's effectiveness but also revealed further insights into the power of the subconscious mind.

What if I don't achieve the results I'm expecting?

We offer a "best on earth" 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your purchase then you can ask for a no-questions asked refund.

Why "best on earth"? Because you can't unlearn Inner Influencing. We hope that you wouldn't be unethical and ask for a refund just to "have it for free" from that point on. But we believe in the effectiveness of Inner Influencing. And it's transformed many people's lives to something better.

Support is also available throughout the program to ensure you can apply the techniques successfully.

And we are always here to answer any questions if you get stuck as you progress.