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"I've spent the last ten years perfecting the first 'A.I.' for the mind. The results so far have been astounding."

- Paul Greblick, Creator of Inner Influencing

But First...

A "Reality Check"

Are you in a world where uncertainty looms large, and the noise of life drowns out your inner peace?

Do you feel that you are often at a crossroads where the path to your greatest aspirations seems obscured by fears, doubts, and the relentless pace of daily demands?

Are moments of tranquility more and more fleeting, almost elusive, as you navigate the complexities of modern life?

This is how many of us feel in this so-called "modern" world.

Amidst all of that, your biggest hurdle lies even deeper...

It's not just about setting goals or chasing your dreams.

It's about the inner subconscious barriers that silently hold you back from your better life.

Traditional methods like positive affirmations, visualization, or motivational strategies might have offered temporary solace, but they often fail to strike at the root of our deepest challenges.

These tools, as essential as they are, sometimes miss the mark, leaving us in a cycle of hope and disappointment.

This is where a groundbreaking discovery about the subconscious comes into play.

A revelation so profound, it has the potential to transform your life in ways you never thought possible – and it takes less than ten seconds to apply.

Do You Like Emotional Freedom?

(We Do, Too.)

You can now easily escape the chains of your fears and anxieties.

Our revolutionary approach empowers you to break free from emotional constraints, unlocking a world of tranquility and peace within you.

Witness a transformation that uplifts your spirit and your inner strength.

Emotional freedom – it's not just a nice thought.

You can now have it for real.

Do You Like Achieving Goals?

(We Do, Too.)

Join the ranks of those who have turned their dreams into tangible successes.

Inner Influencing isn't about setting goals; it's about propelling you toward them with unprecedented momentum.

Whether it's for personal growth, career advancement, or achieving life-long ambitions, you can now start using the hidden power of your subconscious mind to move you toward the life of your dreams.

Do You Like Synchronicity?

(We Do, Too.)

Our students have reported an uptick in synchronicity across their lives.

And not just a small one.

Imagine events aligning more and more in your favor, as if the universe was conspiring to help you succeed.

It's not about mere coincidences; it's the result of aligning your subconscious with the rhythm of the world.

Experience how life flows more smoothly when your inner and outer worlds are in harmony.

So, here's what's going on inside you...

(And here's how we can help.)

It's long been known that the subconscious mind can set artificial limits on how much you can do, be, and have.

It also can set the "difficulty" level of your life.

But here's the exciting part:

You are already "wired" for your ideal versions of everything.

(Not convinced? Ask yourself if you've ever deliberately gone to your second favorite restaurant or had your second favorite meal.)

Our methodology uses a unique and powerful discovery (actually, several discoveries) about the subconscious mind, allowing you to start erasing those limitations in as little as 10 seconds.

It has also been shown to turn the "difficulty" level down, too.

In addition, we have uncovered a subconscious "map of human experiences" that helps people understand why some experiences are more challenging than others.

Become an expert in resolving challenges when you know how your subconscious mind can hold you back from experiences that seem easy for others to achieve.

Like They Did...

"I have seen some pretty amazing results."

"Since getting the Inner Influencing program I have seen some pretty amazing results.

I have noticed a remarkable change in my attitude. I am feeling much happier than I can ever remember. Often, I now catch myself quietly singing or whistling. Something I wasn't even working on - I find my posture has improved significantly.

The biggest change has been in the dynamics of my family relationships, especially with my wife. It's really interesting when we start to eliminate all the garbage how we effortlessly treat others differently."

Gene Anger (his real name)
London, Ontario, CA

"As one of the newest tools in the bag, I'm very impressed with the speed and efficiency that the processes of Inner Influencing have to offer"

"As one of the newest tools in the bag, I'm very impressed with the speed and efficiency that the processes of Inner Influencing have to offer."

"The genius behind Inner Influencing is a series of self-directed methods and processes that can help you to gain more control over your life, rid yourself of emotional difficulties, and help to get you permanently unstuck from life experiences that are truly less than ideal for you. I have been facilitated by the creator of Inner Influencing during its development and feel blessed to be part of the next evolution in mind-body-spirit programs."

"My clients are making more positive changes in less time than most other techniques that I practice."

Makhani Williams
Portland, Oregon, USA

"I believe this is an important step forward for the evolution of humanity."

"I am a practitioner of BSFF, EFT, and various other healing modalities. These modalities work miracles, but for some stubborn issues, they don't seem to cut it.

I was working on eliminating resentment towards my ex-spouse for 2 years. Mind you, I was vigilant, every time resentment came up, I used BSFF or EFT. But the relief I was looking for was not happening and a few days later I would catch myself ruminating over the ex all over again.

I did one of the advanced Inner Influencing protocols for this resentment, and I was instantly free, yes, its gone! I feel so good, like 10 pounds taken off of me.

Inner Influencing will soon make all the other modalities I know obsolete. I believe this is an important step forward for the evolution of humanity."

Stephen Coleman
The Philippines

Please note: Stephen was so impressed by the results of Inner Influencing that he became part of the Inner Influencing Core Team.

"You won't be sorry."

I've tried a variety of modalities from EFT to TAT and some others. Although I appreciate aspects of all of these, I can honestly say that Inner Influencing Technique is the best thing I've ever used.

This breakthrough technique allows us to see, for the first time, that there is a way to permanently get rid of any of the 'junk' that is in our emotional systems. This freedom is what allows us to move forward with a lot of peace and tranquility.

The results are wonderful, and I highly recommend that anyone seeking more freedom in their lives try out this technique. You won't be sorry."

Anita Colussi-Zanon
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Please note: Anita was also so impressed by the results of Inner Influencing that she became an Inner Influencing Pratitioner and is part of the Inner Influencing Core Team.

"Inner Influencing is designed to act like a 'virus cleaner' in the subconscious mind."

Inner Influencing is designed to act like a 'virus cleaner' in the subconscious mind, clearing negative emotions caused by hidden contributors that affect every human being.

I have to say the theory behind this work makes great sense.

Jeff Maziarek
Author of "Spirituality Simplified"

"It feels like I am growing ten years in each day...I am floating!"

(Please note - Pamelia's experiences below were from using the Program for only four days.)

"Oh, so much is happening since I started Inner Influencing! I am so, God, I don’t even know. I am really happy, excited, and turned on with life. There is so much opening up to me and it’s making me giddy.

It feels like I am growing ten years in each day that I focus on this!

My general experience of your program has been whenever I find a memory, an emotion, or a trait that has a charge and has been negatively affecting my life, when I release it with Inner Influencing, there is this release of tingling energy moving through my body, and I feel light in body and mind.

I am floating! This is how I know it’s working so quickly and effectively. I am already taking action in areas in which I have been stuck and am now moving forward. You are brilliant for bringing this in for us!

I have been doing self-help work for years and never experienced such rapid freedom and expansion."

Pamelia Sofia
Orlando, Florida

"I feel a tremendous shift..."

"This is a program for everyone to go through and empower themselves, which I love!!!

I had a fantastic day today! I laughed so much -- more than I have in years!!! There's other good stuff that happened today -- all without effort on my part. Talk about results!

There's been a lot of aha moments for me...

It's been all good..."

Elizabeth Serna
Chicago, Illinois, USA

"I guess this is how it feels when you say you will get your power back."

"I have done many, countless types of therapies, exercises, tao, hindu, Eft, etc but none got to the core of the problem, only scratches, Inner Influencing dives into the core and releases for the best of oneself and the persons involved, it was so deep and easy that even my hair got revitalized! Thank you. I can't get tired of saying and feeling thankful.

I am still "peeling the onion", I had so many unresolved emotional stuckness and I am so thrilled with Inner Influencing that I want to apply it on every bit of my life, I am being renewed, miracles do happen, I was giving up on myself and thanks to Inner Influencing I am being renewed, in peace and stronger. I guess this is how it feels when you say you will get your power back.

Patricia Mendoza

"I'm doing fine - thanks to Inner Influencing!"

"I'm doing fine - thanks to Inner Influencing! Your program is amazing! What I like best so far is how easy it is to get rid of very specific things. I only wish I had known it a few years ago - but ... I've been able to eliminate the feelings of regret, too :-)"


"Since doing Inner Influencing, I have less worry in many areas of my life."

"Since doing Inner Influencing, I have less worry in many areas of my life. I have been known to worry about EVERYTHING, even the silliest things, and they have lessened quite a bit."

Brenda Penton
Newfoundland, Canada

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