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What People Are Saying

"I am a practitioner of BSFF, EFT and various other healing modalities. These modalities work miracles, but for some stubborn issues they don't seem to cut it. I enrolled in Paul's course thinking "oh, another modality". Purple Cows? You gotta be kidding? Well I'll try it anyway.

I was treating myself for resentment towards my ex-spouse for 2 years. Mind you I was vigilant, every time resentment came up I treated it with BSFF or EFT. But the relief I was looking for was not happening and a few days later I would catch myself ruminating over the ex all over again.

I did one of the advanced Inner Influencing protocols for this resentment and I was instantly free, yes its gone! I feel so good, like 10 pounds taken off of me. I now feel like "so what","who cares" and "no big deal" towards my ex.

Inner Influencing will soon make all the other modalities I know obsolete. I believe this is an important step forward for the evolution of humanity."

Stephen Coleman

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What is "Inner Influencing"?

Inner Influencing is a breakthrough series of inner-directed methods and processes that can help you gain more control over your life, quickly rid yourself of emotional difficulties, and help you move toward a life that is more in line with your well-being in every way.

Inner Influencing helps you become more self-empowered by showing you how to take full advantage of a new discovery about how to safely interact with your own subconscious mind that can help you quickly, easily, and gently remove the inner blocks to your life being more ideal for you in every way.

Learning Inner Influencing will allow you to more completely direct your life toward all the things that are right for you and away from the things that aren't...and help to make it easy for your life to stay that way and be normal, easy, and natural for it to do so.

Inner Influencing could be considered to be the answer to the following questions...

"If life is a do you just GET THERE already?"

"And if life IS a long does it have to take?"

"Who really IS in charge of this "journey" anyway?"


Inner Influencing... a breakthrough system of self-empowerment techniques that can help you quickly, safely, and easily obtain emotional stability, balance, and inner peace.

The results that come in a matter of minutes from using Inner Influencing occur by tapping into a previously unknown part of the subconscious mind, and approaches the results that typically occur in an hours-long hypnotherapy session...all without having to go into an altered state of consciousness.

Inner Influencing is a repeatable, usable series of processes that can help you get unstuck from difficulties more quickly than you could on your own. It also helps to accelerate the removal of subconscious blocks preventing your life from being ideal, whole, and complete for you right now.

What can Inner Influencing do for you?

Inner Influencing can allow you to experience positive changes in your life much faster and easier than you could up until now.

This new breakthrough series of processes will enable you to interact with your subconscious mind in a new, safe, and healthy way, to eliminate the source or contributors of many major difficulties. Positive changes become easier to make, and negative difficulties and situations become more easy to move past and to resolve.

Inner Influencing shows you how to become a master of your own inner processes in ways that are safe and ideal for you, and not have them rule YOU or have to be a victim to them anymore. You'll learn how your own subconscious mind or inner processes work for you or against you, and why knowing how to master these processes are the key to success in having the life you truly want and deserve - one that is truly in line with your well-being in every way.

You'll then be given the key to a new breakthrough in how to interact with these processes through a new discovery about how the subconscious works, and learn several fast, gently, and easy-to-apply processes that can start to turn your life more in a right direction for you the second you start to use them.

Here are just some of the results people have reported experiencing due to learning and applying Inner Influencing to their lives:

  • Reduce fear and anxiety.
  • Gain more control of your day to day life experience.
  • Reclaim your self-worth.
  • Be more able to set and defend boundaries.
  • Heal relationship difficulties, even ones from the past where the other person is no longer close by or even alive.
  • End the "people pleaser" program.
  • Have more ability to end negative situations and begin more positive endeavors.
  • Becoming more self empowered.
  • Removing the role limitations of what society says in regard to "being a man" or "being a woman".
  • Being less prone to giving in to anything or anyone that's not in line with their well-being.

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Inner Influencing can now be learned via a newly published six-module downloadable e-course.

This e-course can help you start to quickly gain more control over your life and reduce emotional hardships that are causing your life to be less than ideal, whole, and perfect for you.

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Learn Inner Influencing with this breakthrough e-course, and learn to regain control of your emotions, your forward momentum, and even your life.

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Hosted by the creator/developer - Paul Greblick

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In the Media

Inner Influencing just got a "5 out of 5" review in the SF Examiner.

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Paul was on the "Align Shine Prosper" BlogTalkRadio show on January 18, 2012.

Join the developer of Inner Influencing, Paul Greblick, in part three of a special demonstration of Inner Influencing as the guest of Doreen Agostino's "Align Shine Prosper" BlogTalkRadio show. Find out just what Inner Influencing is and what it's about, and discover what it can do for you and for your life.

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About the Developer

Paul Greblick is known for helping people connect to their Angels on a consistent, regular basis, in order to have a greater amounts of peace, balance, and happiness in their lives.

He has also helped people to maximize their results with the latest breakthroughs in "self-directed energy therapies". But growing increasingly frustrated with the results of the modern modalities in scope, depth, speed, and ease - both for himself and his clients - he was guided to create his own.

Inner Influencing was extensively developed, experimented with, and field-tested to the point of maximum potency before being released to the public, of which you can now experience the same benefits of using his system.

You can learn more about him by clicking here.