We are currently going through a tremendous series of upgrades that are changing the way we are able to serve you.

Some of these are to our offerings, themselves, and some are to the ways and means we get them to you.

As such, there have been periods of time where some of the emails we send might not seem to be getting to you in a timely manner.

If you’ve ordered a product from us, or are on our mailing list for any of the free introductory material, make sure to check your “spam/bulk” folder on your email account, because until your email program “knows” us, it might assume you didn’t ask for what you certainly did by ordering or signing up in the first place!

As the internet gets “smarter”, this sort of thing won’t happen.

But for now, look for any emails in your spam/bulk folder with the name “Inner Influencing” as the sender.

If you’re a little more adept, you can “whitelist” the following email address – info @ innerinfluencing.com – to prevent any difficulties with us delivering you exactly what you need to move your life exactly to where your ideal life awaits.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

- Paul Greblick

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