Here are some of the more frequently asked questions and their answers, given by the developer of Inner Influencing himself, Paul Greblick.


Inner Influencing is a series of self-directed methods and techniques that enable a person to take more control over their life experience in just about any subject, topic, or area.

It is based on a new discovery about how to work with the subconscious that has not been previously known or explored to such an extensive degree and gets to the "nitty gritty" of the internal factors that cause your difficulties, both daily and long term, and helps remove them in ways that are easy, fast, and comfortable.

The results coming from Inner Influencing use the natural abilities you have always had but have not been exposed to or taught how to use them for the most effective life experience.

What you will be doing with Inner Influencing is to more quickly remove the internal "under the surface" factors that are related to causing your blocks to greater success, peace, and happiness - resolving problems and gaining lots more strength and momentum in all of the areas that are significant to you.

You will also be learning how to keep that permanent and safe and easy to maintain as the foundation of how you live from then on.

Inner Influencing deals with things that are affecting your emotional or "energetic" system. It's a system just like your skeletal system, your digestive system, and your respiratory system, and is thus a natural part of what you were created with as a human being, regardless if you believe in a "God" or not.

Thus, no belief or disbelief is required and will not enhance or detract from the results you can achieve with Inner Influencing.

A devout athiest will thus get the same results with Inner Influencing as the most devout religious practitioner. In essence, it's the efforts put in to clearing out the subconscious "junk" in the human using it - not the conscious or chosen "beliefs" of the person doing it.

In fact, you don't even have to "believe" that Inner Influencing will work for you. Just like flipping a light switch and the light coming on, it's an understanding of the mechanics of the light switch and electricity that help the "miracle" of light work, not the belief of the person flicking the switch.

Inner Influencing teaches you the mechanics of the underlying factors that control your life experience, for good or bad, and teaches you how to effectively use them in a way that is more akin to keeping your system healthy in ways you haven't thought possible.

Inner Influencing works on the level of experience and its causes, and this level always overrides belief - however, the concept of what makes up beliefs and what they really are is covered in the material, also - so that you're not forced to accept beliefs counter to your well-being and thus disempower you in any way.

The basics of Inner Influencing can be learned in a short time, often a few hours, to show how to start applying it and to have some personal and meaningful results with it.

To get the most results, you need to understand the more in-depth material that explains in-depth how the subconscious works. Then you need to practice applying the advanced targeting methods to eradicate the blocks to peace, balance, and success more quickly.

For those who want the ultimate in results from the speed and power that the new discoveries can provide, there is advanced material that can make things seem like you're going from riding a bicycle to being strapped to a moon rocket, but some investment in time as well as the financial outlay of whatever the current prices are for the e-course or the coaching that can come from the developer himself - Paul Greblick - to go as far as possible, as fast as possible

Inner Influencing has been designed with one goal in mind - to help you achieve your goals, and a whole lot more - in the fastest, easiest, and most gentle way possible.

The subconscious enjoys working on itself, to put it in a funny way. It is a very stable process because of that reason.

Most people consider these processes "elegant, calm, and comforting," once familiar with how to use them.

One thing that can happen is that the "inner cleanup" can often expose other things to the awareness. In that case, it's a simple matter of using Inner Influencing on those new things that are uncovered, or a few other tools are recommended in the e-course that can help facilitate this quickly.

One person even had laughing spells when targeting so-called "deep" issues that should have hurt on an emotional level, instead!


Inner Influencing will take both you and your life only, but definitely, as far as you apply it and keep your emotional system clear of discordant energy. (And this isn't hard once you learn how.)

What you will experience with Inner Influencing is an accelerated way to what you are already wanting to get to in life. It will save you time, money, energy, stress, and resources, and ensure that you get to where you want to go as fast as it's able to go in a stable way for you.

You're already inclined to change as much of your life that isn't ideal to what is ideal, so why not let Inner Influencing help you in the same way a car helps you get where you need to go instead of walking everywhere?

It's up to you, but you'll get to have a lot more in life if you can get there faster and easier.

Inner Influencing, however, is NOT a process that is able to just be "read" to get results. It's not just a swimming book to automatically know how to swim, a piano book to automatically know how to play piano, or an audio series to simply listen to for the intellectual or entertainment value.

This is a brand new skill that you are learning - one to help you go further than ever before with a new discovery about how your subconscious works - and how to interact with it - that up to now have not been publicized or even uncovered.

You can often see the effects of Inner Influencing very quickly - a sense of emotional peace and balance and eliminating or toning down of fear, anxiety and emotions like anger and guilt and grief can happen faster than you might imagine.

Since the techniques are done mentally and can take as little as six seconds, some sort of "noticeable effect" can be literally and realistically seen shortly after the basic initial technique is learned and applied to your own personal issues.

The bigger results will come from how quickly you can learn the advanced techniques, and how much you learn and apply the "targeting" strategies to the key issues, problems, issues, wants, and desires in your system/subconscious that are showing up as difficulties. The more diligently you practice or apply it with an experimental, open, yet determined mindset will give you all that you can out of this system as fast as possible.

And remember, you're already going in this direction naturally - to eliminate problems and to achieve greater fulfillment toward your life ideal.

So the people who are getting the most out of Inner Influencing are trying it on every single thing they can think of and every angle they can think of for each part of their life that is less than ideal. This group of people tends to find that this mindset makes it a lot easier to experience the positive changes that are wanted, sometimes very quickly and easily even from what could be considered synchronicity.

I wouldn't go so far as to claim that Inner Influencing is opening the doors to a person's natural ability to access synchronicity in each part of their life they apply it to, but it's certainly looking that way.

It's not hard or difficult once you understand the principles of how the subconscious works and why it does what it does to create your experience for good or bad.

Then you will learn how to interact with the subconscious with a new series of processes that work on what I call "the fourth part of the mind model," which sounds more difficult than it is, and then walked through ways to use it in your own life for maximum effect.

The Foundation Course e-course will teach you three specific techniques, each of which are independently powerful but work very well together. One of them has exponential levels of potency that you will acquire as you progress and learn to apply it more.

Once you are comfortable with the techniques, it simply is a matter of having you learn what to apply them on - what I call "targeting" - to start moving forward in the various aspects of your life - out of what you don't want and need or affects you badly, and into the more ideal things until it's all ideal for you without the possibility of something other than that.

These techniques are more than just concepts to explore mentally or to file away in your head in the "something cool to know" category. However, just knowing these concepts themselves can often be the start of some dramatic insights and breakthroughs.

It's the application of the techniques for a person on themselves that will move toward achieving experiential benefit more than anything else. No one ever got results in anything by just reading something.

In other words, the techniques must be applied to get results. Just reading about it won't do anything at all.

Someone can, therefore, go only as far as they choose to apply it.

But a key principle is that, because we're working on your subconscious directly, you can't "not" achieve results as long as you are targeting the correct things in your system. In summary: it will work if you work it, and it won't if you don't. So work it all the way to everything being ideal and staying that way as soon as possible.

One nice benefit to this system is its universal applicability to assist in reducing the emotional distress on any and every topic or subject that it's applied to. This distress can often come from an emotionally negative experience, or it can be the general kind of discomfort and distress we feel when we can't seem to move forward in life, have the things we want or need, or simply make the basic changes necessary for her well-being.

Inner Influencing can have a significant effect on all of that. And it will the more it is used and applied on a person's issues or needs. There is no subject that Inner Influencing cannot assist with making better in a significant way in a person's experience as long as its applied to all of the inner factors and causes.

Comparison to Other Systems

The phrase "Positive Thinking" is aptly misnamed.

The reason is because there is no such thing as a positive thought. Or a negative one. Or even a neutral one, for that matter.

Thoughts are inert and carry no charge to them whatsoever.

Feelings, but not necessarily emotions, are the problem, and I go into this in depth in the e-course. Knowing why and how this works to affect your life experience, and having the tools to quickly enable change, is this is the key to everything.

The emotional system is the strongest system in the body and it's the least known by any series of experts out there. So it's about time we knew how to master it instead of it powerfully wrecking our forward momentum and ability to be happy just because of our built-in ignorance to how our most powerful system of our body works.

Emotions are part of the body, not the mind, but they can and often do affect everything we do as people, for greater or for worse, and it's about time we mastered this most powerful part of us in every way.

Inner Influencing could be considered a large first step into mastering all of the underlying mechanics of "you" and your own system so it can not only work properly but favorably in every situation that you're in. The other option is leaving your life to chance and just hoping for the best or pushing through it with as much force and "intention" that you could muster against the blocks and barriers and personal inner resistances and even turmoil. Often this makes you have to compromise other parts of your self, life, or system since it's thrown off balance by all of the pushing.

Inner Influencing can systematically and deliberately bring your system back into alignment and balance with your most natural functioning. Positive thinking, by its very nature, simply wishes for it or pretend it is there by looking away from thoughts and feelings that are too difficult to deal with, or "negative" in some way.

In Inner Influencing, we don't deny or look away from the negative, no matter how bad it is. Nor do we turn from it. We become more and more empowered to change it to however is the most ideal for us in however that could be - resolving a negative situation completely or moving toward a more positive one.

Thus, Inner Influencing helps us to actually HAVE and MAKE the positive changes we could only "think" about up until now.

It is different from hypnosis in several major ways.

The first is that there is no need for an altered state of consciousness to use or get results with Inner Influencing. You don't need to go in a meditative state, a trance state, or get out of normal waking consciousness, or to even lay down or be still, for that matter.

You can use Inner Influencing in any situation you may find yourself in without having to prepare beforehand or needing some kind of induction.

Once you know the techniques, and how to apply them, it becomes simply a matter of doing them wherever you are at the moment that you might find yourself wanting to reduce some kind of emotional duress.

The second thing is that Inner Influencing achieves results very quickly.

While hypnotherapy sessions sometimes take 45 min. to an hour or more to experience, it is very common for people who are adept at Inner Influencing's techniques to experience significant results in as little as 20 seconds.

I, myself, have helped people use these techniques to significantly and permanently reduce the emotional distress on decades-long emotional difficulties in a matter of hours. Hypnosis techniques would've taken multiple sessions per week over several months. Traditional therapy or counseling would have taken years, simply because of the lack of tools that access the problematic areas of the subconscious as quickly and easily as Inner Influencing does.

What's most interesting is that some of the greatest fans and advocates of this system have had many decades of self-work, counseling, and experience with different kinds of metaphysical, esoteric, or new-agey worded modalities now only use Inner Influencing now to personally achieve the results they want.

Some people have even reported that Inner Influencing was responsible for bringing to them the "rest of what was needed" to get them where they wanted to go in their experience of life.

I believe that one of the biggest disservices that we're conditioned to accept in our culture is that something beneficial has to be one way or the other.

But you'll never find a master carpenter who only has one tool in their toolbox, with the hope or expectation that they could fix or build anything of worthy note.

And you'll never find a master mechanic who only has one tool in their toolbox, either, surprised that they can't really fix or repair much, either.

And you'll certainly never find anyone who's gotten anywhere decent in life, let alone a startling success, who will tell you that the "secret" of success is finding the one key push-button activity that is responsible for them getting there.

Every successful endeavor, and every successful life, too, will always have multiple contributors to it getting and staying that way.

Inner Influencing is one such contributor that you need to know backwards and forwards to move forward most ideally in your life and stay there.

It can even help you to unlock greater power and punch in many of the modalities and process you might already know.

No, I am not.

There are others who noticed that there could be an additional component to the previous understanding of our mind than the old hypnosis-based model of "Conscious - Filter - Subconscious"

I set out to find the total scope and depth of how this could be used to improve our experience, and in the fastest, easiest, and most gentle-to-our-system way possible. And to stay there once we get there.

I'm a big fan of both The Sedona Method and The Release Technique and have a lot of respect for the leaders of those two methodologies. I, myself, have used both of them quite a bit in the beginning of my journey of healing and out of the hell I was thrown into for seven long years.

Results are certainly possible with both, but it can sometimes take a while to "get the hang of it" and some people have reported that putting your attention on deeper issues is often painful and even difficult with this type of technique.

I consider techniques such as these as the forerunners of the more modern techniques that use the latest discoveries about the subconscious to accelerate the work that is done, instead of having to force the energy up to then let it go with this set of methodologies.

That being said, however, they're still valuable techniques to learn to gain a greater understanding of your own system and how it functions for or against you in whatever way your life is or isn't working to your liking.

Both of these energy therapies are quite powerful and very, very useful.

EFT is known for it's tapping technique that can knock down the emotional charge on any specific issue, once you learn it.

TAT is known for it's prowess in handling general issues while holding certain acupressure points.

The ideal would seem to be to combine both, but there is tremendous limitation in having to do physical processes where often this can't be done in the way our modern society demands certain things on our attention. Driving, meetings, or being in social situations all weaken the impact that these modalities have because of the decreased scope of applicability.

Inner Influencing has no such limitation because it requires nothing but being awake in the day to have a thought or two. It is all done with thoughts rather than physical processes.

That being said, both EFT and TAT are tools I recommend to have in your own "self-help toolbox" that can accelerate the results of difficult or sticky issues that you could have trouble with a strictly mental approach like Inner Influencing.

I consider these two modalities so important to your understanding of yourself and how they can teach you how your system works that I include links to free e-books in the beginning of the e-course to include along with your Inner Influencing training.

BSFF and Zpoint both use a mental technique that addresses a similar part of the subconscious as Inner Influencing does.

However, people who are familiar with both techniques have noticed that, while they're somewhat faster to learn than Inner Influencing, the results can often be hard to obtain in a permanent way due to a lack of "targeting" the extensive subconscious factors in how both of those systems work.

Inner Influencing absolves this lack of targeting by showing the hidden contributors to problems that the subconscious can't eliminate itself. It also removes the need to focus on topics such as "stoppers," "failsafes," and even ending or "closing sequences." This is because the true energy has been completely uncovered that was creating those things in the first place, and we use this as part of the advanced targeting in Inner Influencing.

After watching what the subconscious was doing while I was completely immersed in seven years of a traumatic experience, I found that not just one, but several install programs that work with each other were needed that increased the power and results exponentially.

Inner Influencing is always updated with the latest discoveries of how far this subconscious process can be taken so you always have the most effective combination of install programs that offer the best potential of the goal of using the subconscious most effectively for moving your life where you want and need it to go.

Doing this, however, requires a bigger investment of time in the beginning, because although you can get significant benefit with those other two modalities fast - and they do have pretty significant benefits that you can quickly realize - the results from Inner Influencing build as you go further with the various discoveries about how to multiply and thus maximize the capabilities of the subconscious in ways never seen before.

About the Author/Developer

Paul Greblick is known as "The Angel Guy" in various parts of the world for his work in helping people connect and receive daily guidance from their Angels on a consistent basis for greater peace, balance, and happiness, and without having to go into a meditative or altered altered state to do so.

He was given the basics of Inner Influencing by who he considers to be the Angels who are "connected to the One who knows everything about everything" and tasked himself to see the level and depth it could go for his own need to heal from a major seven-year-long breakdown once everything else he tried didn't work to get him all the way there.

Many people are reporting the same experiences with Inner Influencing, whether they choose to believe in Angels or think something else in terms of Angels.

Paul even jokes that the Angels don't care if you believe in them or not - it's the work that is important and you won't be forced to believe in Angels because of it, but it's hardly obvious why accepting Angels as a strong force for good in anyone's life could be a bad thing.

Because he doesn't sell himself as the next greatest guru. He believes that you already have the answers and "all of your truth" inside you, albeit locked up or covered up, and you don't need another guru or teacher preaching high holiness to get you to follow them for whatever personal agendas they have counter to your well-being or even just trip you up along the way to your own ideal.

His goal was to find what made "our life experience what it is" and then to find the best, easiest, and most effective way to change this from our negative or less than ideal to our ideal. And then live that way as a natural, easy, and normal part of life.

Once he was certain that his techniques went as far as possible on both himself and a special test group of others, he decided to share it with the world.

And now you can benefit from these discoveries and his extensive testing, as well.

No, I am not.

I am a regular person who had one too many difficult experiences that lasted way too long and wanted and needed to find a way to recover from it that was not only as fast, easy, and gentle as possible, but helped me stay there permanently.

I was determined to find out what caused our life experiences to be what they were, good or bad, and what we could do to change them to the optimum in the quickest way possible with the least upheaval.

My goal was to find a way where we could have our lives be as optimal as possible in every area, and in the fastest, easiest, and most gentle way possible, and then have it be normal, easy, and natural for us to stay there.

I am certain that I found it.

Your Ideal Life awaits...

Start learning Inner Influencing now and move toward a life of freedom, flourishing, and complete self-empowerment, each and every day.

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