About Inner Influencing and its Creator/Developer

Paul Greblick, the Creator/Developer of Inner Influencing, is known around the world as "the Angel guy," because...

Near the end of 2004, on the eve of what would have been his second major breakdown, Paul Greblick said "God, I give" and shortly thereafter started to recognize the presence of Angels who brought him information and support to help him return to healing and wholeness.

Shortly after that experience, he started to receive information to help others connect to and receive guidance from their own Angels on a consistent, regular basis in order to have a greater amount of peace, balance, and happiness in their lives.

Inner Influencing was created out of his own need to quickly recover from his deep, major emotional and inner trauma from the seven-year-long breakdown. Seeing how effective the results were on himself, he then started to use them on others and noticed the same scope and depth of results.

He then entered an eighteen month period of continual experimentation, "field-testing" on others, with as many different subjects of varying degrees as could be found, in order to maximize the scope, depth, and ease-of-use of the system, as well as to demonstrate the effectiveness on whoever would choose to master this system and apply it to each area of their lives they that are out of place or out of focus.

Once he was satisfied that he found the depth of results and could show others how these processes worked, he proceeded to create a training program to teach others how to achieve and repeat these results for themselves at will.

Thus, Inner Influencing was born.

Paul teaches phone clients from across the globe how to connect with their Angels as well as how to apply the Inner Influencing tools for their own unique needs and situations.

He is considered one of the top experts on how subconscious factors interact with our experience, making it good or bad accordingly, and then providing easy and useful ways to modify this for everyone to improve countless aspects of their lives.

He is dedicated to bringing concepts that were often considered mystical and unapproachable to the masses in a way that is easy to understand and implement for the improvement of their lives in every area.

His "no holds barred" live teaching style has earned him praise for being fun, friendly, and refreshing to experience, especially with material that could often be considered too serious or difficult or emotionally challenging to even approach.

Your Ideal Life awaits...

Start learning Inner Influencing now and move toward a life of freedom, flourishing, and complete self-empowerment, each and every day.

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