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Review: Inner Influencing - Managing Your Life and Emotions

"I have seen some pretty amazing results."

"Since getting your Inner Influencing program, along with your personal coaching, I have seen some pretty amazing results.

I have noticed a remarkable change in my attitude. I am feeling much happier than I can ever remember. Often, I now catch myself quite singing or whistling. Something I wasn't even working on - I find my posture has improved significantly.

The biggest change has been in the dynamics of my family relationships, especially with my wife. It's really interesting when we start to eliminate all the garbage how we effortlessly treat others differently.

I look forward to being to help others learn Inner Influencing to eliminate their success blocks - just as I have learned from you.

Thank you, Paul"

Gene Anger

"I believe this is an important step forward for the evolution of humanity."

"I am a practitioner of BSFF, EFT and various other healing modalities. These modalities work miracles, but for some stubborn issues they don't seem to cut it. I enrolled in Paul's course thinking "oh, another modality". Purple Cows? You gotta be kidding? Well I'll try it anyway.

I was treating myself for resentment towards my ex-spouse for 2 years. Mind you I was vigilant, every time resentment came up I treated it with BSFF or EFT. But the relief I was looking for was not happening and a few days later I would catch myself ruminating over the ex all over again.

I did one of the advanced Inner Influencing protocols for this resentment and I was instantly free, yes its gone! I feel so good, like 10 pounds taken off of me. I now feel like "so what","who cares" and "no big deal" towards my ex.

Inner Influencing will soon make all the other modalities I know obsolete. I believe this is an important step forward for the evolution of humanity."

Stephen Coleman

"You won't be sorry."

I've tried a variety of modalities from EFT, to TAT and some others. Although I appreciate aspects of all of these, I can honestly say that Paul Greblick's Inner Influencing Technique is the best thing ever.

His breakthrough technique...allows us to see, for the first time, that there is a way to permanently get rid of any of the 'junk' that is in our emotional systems. This freedom is what allows us to move forward, with a lot of peace and tranquility.

The results are wonderful, and I highly recommend that anyone seeking more freedom in their lives try out his technique through his products or classes, or get a private session with him. You won't be sorry."

Anita Colussi-Zanon

"I guess this is how it feels when you say you will get your power back."

"As I told you before I had done many, countless types of therapies, exercises, rituals from my catholic background, tao, hindu, Eft, etc but none got to the core of the problem, only scratches, Inner Influencing dives into the core and releases for the best of oneself and the persons involved, it was so deep and easy that even my hair got revitalized! Thank you, I can't get tired of saying and feeling thankful.

I am still "peeling the onion", I had so many unresolved emotional stuckness and I am so thrilled with Inner Influencing that I want to apply it on every bit of my life, I am being renewed, miracles do happen, I was giving up on myself and thanks to you, Inner Influencing, my Angels and their guidance I am being anew, in peace and stronger I guess this is how it feels when you say you will get your power back.

With much gratitude..."

Patricia Mendoza

"Your module eight was a Godsend"

"Your module eight was a God send and I did the sequences on the family, my mother, father, each of my sisters, my husband and both of my children. I went back to do more sequences around my mother, adding words to the sequences you wrote."

Tere Bennett

"I'm doing fine - thanks to Inner Influencing!"

"I'm doing fine - thanks to Inner Influencing! Your program is amazing! What I like best so far is how easy it is to get rid of very specific things (no need to bring it to the vast wants, etc.). I only wish I had known it a few years ago - but ... I've been able to eliminate the feelings of regret, too :-)"

"Thank you for your support."

"Thanks again, Paul."


"Since doing Inner Influencing, I have less worry in many areas of my life."

"Thank you, Paul! Just a quick update..."

"Since doing Inner Influencing, I have less worry in many areas of my life. I have been known to worry about EVERYTHING, even the silliest things and they have lessened quite a bit."

Brenda Penton

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